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June 2016. Hydrocarbon spillage.   

When a 100 000 litre oil spillage occurred in a fishing port, one of our clients, Golder Associés, used our location and detection services. Many objects were present on the site : electric cables, water pipes, sewer pipes and five pipelines (four were still in use). This decontamination project spanned two years without any breakage or incident. Golder Associés is one of our many clients satisfied with our services.

October 2017. Pipelaying.

Laying a pipe near a Hydro-Québec thermal power station was problematic : a grounding mat surrounded the building without any construction plan. Within hours, our team located the underground installations, allowing the company to complete the excavation without any breakage or service interruption. Hydro-Québec is also one of our many satisfied customers.


Spring 2017. Electric wire.

A customer in Quebec City suspected the presence of an electrical wire between two buildings. He then called us to locate the wire. After a GPR and induction ground verification, we informed him of the location of the wire, but also that two unsuspected large tanks were embedded in the ground. Thanks to the expertise of our team, our client has avoided a major spill.

December 2017. Water breakage.

On the night of the December 31st, a major water break occurred on Magdalen Islands. After several hours of research by the municipal employees, the foreman contacted us for our underground location services. In less than an hour, our expert was on the site and had located the problem. Our client was then able to repair the major breakage. By calling our team, the client and let the company save you some valuable time and money.

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