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Chiasson et Bourgeois Localisation offers different services : concrete scanning, location of underground tanks, location of underground structures and location of underground faults.

Scan de béton

Minor drilling or sawing of concrete could lead to unintentional breakages such as pipes or wires that you didn’t know were there. In addition to service cuts, the costs associated with the repair could be high. Our GPR technology, combined with induction, is able to detect rebar, electrical pipes and wires in concrete, thus ensuring the integrity of your works.

Location de structure souterraine

The changing climate in Eastern Canada is forcing underground infrastructure owners to bury their amenities to provide quality service to their customers and prevent frequent breakages. Therefore, it is important to locate properly before starting any work. Thanks to our extensive experience and the latest technology, we can assure you that your projects are going to be completed without incidents.

Localisation de faute souterraines

Underground failures can sometimes occur because of the aging of underground installation, bad weather, poor quality materials, excavation or drilling without prior location. These breaks can be difficult to detect. Our geolocation company has the expertise and the appropriate equipment to accurately found where the damages are.

Excavation near these tanks can result in high costs for decontaminating soils in case of accidental spillages. With our high-tech equipment, we are able to know the exact location of all these objects, regardless of the material : plastic (septic tanks), metal (oil or other chemical tanks), concrete and others.

Localisation de réservoirs souterrains
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